My name is Shazia Khurshid and my family heritage is Indian and Afghani. I was born in Mumbai, India, I was raised in Dubai, UAE and I have now spent over ten years in the USA. Having such an international background has given me an awareness of design aesthetics refracted through many different world cultures.

I graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Sociology and Fine Art. My studies in sociology developed my awareness of society’s nuances and fueled my interest in la condition humaine. In addition, communication through design influences society in helping to shape the public’s view of important issues. My inspiration and my work are direct results of these different perspectives.

I strive to create, through design, experiences that are elegant, efficient and sophisticated. I am fascinated by the issues of identity, psychology and human perception; indeed, this is why I have become a creative designer. I welcome challenges when solving communication problems and my creative urge is fulfilled when solving them.